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Case Studies on Betterscan Solution

Dive into our selected case studies to explore how Betterscan's innovative solutions address and resolve complex challenges across various scenarios.

Targeted Case Insights

Efficiency and Enhanced Value

In a comparative analysis between Betterscan and a renowned Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tool on a Go/Golang project, Betterscan demonstrated its superior ability to identify a broader range of issues. Notably, it highlighted enhancements specific to Go/Golang, analyzed Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) and extended its analysis to Software Composition Analysis (SCA), including dependencies, secrets, malware, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

"In 2023 our ROI from using a SAST tool (SonarCloud) was negative. Not a single true positive, time wasted in clearing false positives, license costs. I'm optimistic for 2024 though. Despite the initial struggles and the broken IntelliJ IDE plugin Semgrep seems by far the best pick amongst the SAST tools I've seen" Codific, CEO

Betterscan uses semgrep, also with custom rules and other tools/checkers. Best of all worlds.

This comparison prompts a crucial reflection: Why allocate substantial resources to tools that offer similar capabilities? The market is saturated with tools offering overlapping functionalities. However, Betterscan distinguishes itself through its highly modular nature, where every feature, including advanced AI (genAI), is available as a plugin.

Henry Ford: “Everything can always be done better than it is being done.”

Why do you want to pay for commercial products, instead of using state of the art and curated Open Source tools in orchestrated, deduplicated and unified way?

This modularity renders Betterscan not just a tool, but an adaptable platform that caters to a wide array of security needs, thereby establishing it as a preferred choice for thorough and flexible security analysis.

A notable study highlighted that while leading static code analysis tools can detect up to 32% of vulnerabilities, Betterscan's approach, especially when augmented with AI (genAI) capabilities, can significantly enhance vulnerability identification rates, outperforming even the combination of multiple traditional analysis tools.


DOI - Document from the European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference (EICC), Stavanger, Norway, June 2023.

Broad Application Scenarios

For Software Development Companies

If you're part of a software development company that hasn't yet integrated software/application security practices within your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), the risks are substantial. Deploying products without these safeguards can lead to vulnerabilities being exploited by hackers, resulting in data theft, alteration, or damage by unauthorized entities, thereby jeopardizing your customer relationships and regulatory compliance.

Immediate Action Required: It's imperative to incorporate software security practices and processes into your SDLC without delay. Betterscan offers solutions that can significantly mitigate or even eliminate security debt, preventing it from escalating to unmanageable levels.

For Startups

Imagine you're at the helm of a startup, rushing alongside your co-founders and development team to launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). However, without adequate security measures, your MVP becomes a prime target for hackers, viewed as the Most Vulnerable Product, and from a regulatory perspective, a Massive Liability Product.

Proactive Measures: It's crucial to embed software security practices and processes from the outset. Betterscan can guide you in implementing these measures, ensuring that security is an integral part of your development process from day one.

For Software Users

As a company or individual utilizing software, ensuring the security and compliance of the software with relevant standards is paramount. It's essential to question your software providers or vendors about their security integration within their SDLC, including whether they've conducted necessary security testing and addressed vulnerabilities.

Should you discover gaps in their security practices, directing them towards Betterscan solutions can help secure their software and the broader software supply chain, enhancing overall security and compliance.

Market Data

  • Data Breach Financial Impact: The average financial toll of a data breach stands at €3.28 million, highlighting the significant monetary risks associated with data security incidents.
  • Application Vulnerabilities: On average, each website is found to have 3.2 critical vulnerabilities in its applications, underscoring the need for rigorous security measures.
  • Sources of Vulnerabilities: A notable 33% of application security weaknesses are traced back to open-source and third-party components, pointing to the widespread reliance on external code sources.
  • Prevalence of Open-source in Commercial Codebases: An overwhelming 99% of commercial codebases incorporate open-source code, reflecting the integral role of open-source software in modern development practices.
  • Vulnerability in Commercial Codebases: A concerning 75% of these codebases contain at least one security vulnerability, indicating a significant risk of exposure to cyber threats.
  • Vulnerability Remediation Timeframe: Addressing critical vulnerabilities in internet-facing applications takes an average of 50.5 days, highlighting the challenges in timely vulnerability management.

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