The Only Open DevSecOps Orchestration Toolchain

Reduce MTTD & MTTR with full coverage within minutues of using. Full DevSecOps toolchain across your all environments. Implementing and collecting evidence as part of your Continuous Security.  Unified and de-duplicated across all the layers we orchestrate: IDE-Code-Pipeline-Cloud-Runtime.

* Non-binding and free of charge

bash -- 70x32

Screenshot 1. Sample engine run

One line to add several thousands checks + AI (optional)


It was built with security in mind. We have avoided common security mistakes and pitfalls.

Single Platform

Understands modern technologies. All are callable via REST API. Integrateable with CI/CD systems. Lightweight and Fast. Secure. No need to connect anything. “Plug out” solution.

Implement yourself

Source available. You can self-host it for 100% Code Control and transparency, or run Source Available Binary only in your own CI/CD (no Web Interface, Workers).

Why should you work with us?

Use a Source Available solution for complete control and transparency.

Quick setup in simple step
Source Available and Self hosted
Pay only if you make money on it (as a Consultant/Integrator or SaaS setup)

Nurture Your Security in Infrastructure and Code

Trivial setup, no software installation, compatible with many programming languages (PHP, Java, Scala, Python, PERL, Ruby, .NET Full Framework, C#, C, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Apex (Salesforce), Javascript, Typescript, GO, Solidity, DeFi Security (DeFi exploits), Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) Security and Best Practices (Docker, Kubernetes (k8s), Terraform AWS, GCP, Azure), Secret Scanning (166+ secret types), YARA rules for Antidebug, Antivm, Crypto, CVE, Exploits Kits, Malware, Webshells, APTs, Dependency Confusion, Trojan Source, Open Source and Proprietary Checks, SBOM, Dependencies, also precise Graph based analysis) and AI/OpenAI GPT. SCA (software composition analysis) and Supply Chain Risks. OWASP TOP 10 are covered. Practically any Open Source and proprietary check can be added.

Git, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and Google Source Repositories
SonarQube, Codacy, Code Climate, Checkmarx, Semgrep, Synk, and others
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Betterscan Webinterface
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Even more advantages

Detects more than several thousand code and infrastructure issues and counting. Swiss army knife tool/SIEM for SAST Scanning. You will get one unified Report in Web Interface or CLI.

Enjoy actionable Reports via Browser or CLI.

Fast due to Incremental/differential Snapshots analysis.

Choose between Browser or CLI.


Integrated Issue management

You can review the issues, mark them as false positives, and collaborate on issues. Show all cases or ignored/false-positive problems only.

Web browser or CLI

You can choose between Browser and CLI.

Countless Integrations

You can choose between countless integrations in other systems and platforms.

Loved by the DevSecOps

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