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Our solution is state of the art orchestration of the state of the art Open Source and proprietary tools and checkers. More comparison below. Try it yourself!

We know quite a lot of people here are using Snyk, Sonarqube, Veracode, Mend, GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS), but we believe that those tools are often overkill, complex to set up and also way too expensive especially for not quite enterprise level companies. So if you fall into that category and feel our pain, please have a look and reach out.

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Features Betterscan.io Snyk GHAS SonarQube
DevEx (Developer Experience)
Betterscan's scanning, adaptable to various conditions (async, PR, CI/CD), ensures developers quickly identify new vulnerabilities related to their changes. All vulnerability details are displayed within the pull request.

A Betterscan customer noted that Snyk significantly disrupted their developers by inundating them with vulnerabilities, leading them to consider Betterscan as a better alternative.

GHAS is easy to set up but requires developers to check results in a backlog, diverting them from their pull requests and making it challenging to locate relevant findings.

Challenging to set up and maintain. Building Docker images and connecting repositories took hours.
Speed of Onboarding
Installation via CLI, platform, or CI/CD is streamlined, requiring only a single command or click.

"Deploying Snyk took our team months, yielding mixed results."

Effortlessly easy through a unified experience provided by the vendor.

Notably slow.
Variety of Tools
Offers thousands of checks across a wide array of tools. Supports any tool that outputs JSON. Easy to set up, no software installation required, and compatible with numerous programming languages.

Snyk provides comprehensive code security controls including SAST, SCA, Container Scanning, and IaC security.

GHAS includes SAST, SCA, and a Secrets Scanner in its feature set.

Utilizes SonarQube's proprietary technology alongside some open-source tools.
Centralized In-PR DevEx
Features the option to install a GitHub action for sending In-PR reviews for all checks.

Requires users to operate within the Snyk UI to access vulnerability information and initiate in-PR remediation code, potentially disrupting the coding flow.

For SCA, there is no in-PR scanning experience. While SAST and secrets detection have in-PR scanning, users must review findings separately, potentially disrupting workflow.

SonarQube performs well in providing a centralized In-PR experience.
SAST Accuracy
According to our SAST benchmarking, Betterscan outperforms other solutions in almost all evaluated languages, utilizing advanced tools for SAST.

Fewer findings, faster analysis, but with more noise and less accuracy.

Slower analysis, not compatible with all tech stacks.

Yields fewer findings compared to competitors.

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